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Welcome, I'm glad you want to know more about me. Please find my resume below.

As a branding designer I commonly deliver the following services and I am proficient in all:

Web Design
Social Media Design/Optimization
Design Production
UI/UX Design

Packaging Design and Production



More about me.

I was born in Southern California and am based out of Los Angeles. Since I was a kid I have balanced a love of outdoors with a love of books, music, and design. As a surfer and skater I went straight to David Carson, Raymond Pettibon, and Neville Brody becoming obsessed with design and aesthetic. Not understanding that a career in design was attainable for me I spent a few years exploring education and art before discovering what would totally change my perspective and life, ArtCenter College of Design and Kit Hinrichs.

My inspiration and influence expanded exponentially with every year in college leading to a passion for specifically branding and packaging. As a professional this expanded to digital marketing, art direction, and motion design. All of these skills I employ to create effective and comprehensive branding yet I am just as happy creating them à la carte.


My passion lies in creating effective communication and delivering the best possible result. For a designer this means achieving the goals set by the assignment and not simply looking good. I am not just here to make designs look good, I am here to make you look good.

Click a link below to view my archive of old but significant (to me) work.



all samples are subject to copyright
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