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While I am not a motion designer strictly speaking, I use motion when and where I can to enhance brands and presentations. Many times this work does not come through in PDF and portfolio formats. Please see the below examples as a demonstration of my skillset.

This is promotional material I made for Xbox for State of Decay 2, a zombie survival video game with a very rich and dynamic environment that had to be conveyed from this master that was broken up into a social campaign for Microsoft.

Camp Rimpau was a social space and urban campground started by a video production company in order to promote itself and curate relevance in the creative community. 

This piece was created as a title card for videos explaining an articulated maze toy created by educational toy company Seedling USA. I ultimately made 3 different versions to better adapt to the content or video being shown which were used to advertise and educate about the toy.

Remember Myspace? I do. When they relaunched under Fox 10 years ago I was there. This is a title card animation I made soon after the new branding was delivered. 

all samples are subject to copyright
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